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2019 Pat's Run

April 27th, 2019
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I acknowledge that even light volunteer work can be strenuous activity and that no event is without risk. I hereby waive all claims against the Pat Tillman Foundation, State of Arizona, the City of Tempe , Arizona State University, Sun Devil Stadium, the Board of Regents, the Pat's Run committee, RacePlace Events, all municipal agencies whose property, volunteers or employees are used and other sponsoring or co-sponsoring companies, employees, representatives or any personnel functioning with respect to the event of the above named from responsibility for any injuries, accidents, physical conditions, losses or damages I may suffer as a result of my volunteering for this event. I will additionally permit the use of my name, likeness, voice, pictures, video, quotes, etc. in all forms of media such as pictures, broadcast, newspapers, promotions, brochures, in any medium of this event and of the activities of the Pat Tillman Foundation. By signing below I understand and agree to all statements herein. This permission is perpetual and worldwide.